Mujhe Sandal Kar Do

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Mujhe Sandal Kar Do

Post by Heart Buyer on Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:52 pm

Apne ehsas se cho0 kr m0je sundal kr do,
Main kai sadi0n se adhora ho0n mukaml kr do,

Na tmhen h0sh rahy na m0je h0sh rahy,
Is qadar to0t k chao m0je pagl ker do,

Tm hatyli ko mere pyar ki mehndi se rang do,
Apni ankho main mere nam ka kaj0l kr do,

Dho0p he dho0p ho0n main to0t k barso m0je per,
Is qadar to0t k barso meri ro0h ko jal thal ker do,

Is k say main mere khwab mehak 0then gy,
Apne chary pe umeedo bhara anchal ker do,

Apne h0nto se k0i m0har lagao m0je per,
Ek naraz pyar se dkho m0je ghyal ker do.
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