Safe Your Id From Avacs Hacker

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Safe Your Id From Avacs Hacker

Post by Faisal on Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:38 pm

♣♣♣ Assalam alikum all, I want to share secure
tips password from hacker
♣ :1. Do not ever enter
other email at your personal

2. Do not ever make a
password of your personal, personal consists of : *
Password date, month, year of
birth * Password is your name,
your real name, nickname *
Password that is elementary
123456789, 12345678, 1234567,123456,12345...etc

3. Do not ever Put Any Other User Email Adress in your Profile Id In this Case User Lost the Password because Hacker Got password via Email which you give in Profile Remember Email Option is Only for Your Security if You Forget password than use I forget Option(Often the case in Pakistan )

Similarly tips AVAC secure password I created for all nick
us from attack hacker avacs
based on experiences and
events that I met.
AVAC security is very indeed
strong, but it would be nice of us wary.
If your nick already lost
taxable hucker immediately
request restore password on
the administrator.
♣ Please do not misuse this information, thank you

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